Introduction to TheWay Of Mastery
The Way of Mastery is a spiritual masterpiece which offers a comprehensive theology of Love, and a living pathway of Living Practices designed to help students to awaken to their deepest truth.

The Way of Mastery consists of five core texts, "Early Years" audio channelings, and a series of Living Practices.

The Way of Mastery teachings are by the “same author” as
A Course in Miracles , Jesus Christ (or "Jeshua"), through a scribe chosen by Him. The channel for the Course was Helen Schucman, and for the Way is Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer)..

The Way of Mastery is a teaching based on forgiveness, and on the axiom that only love is real, and that we are therefore free. This freedom means that we create our experience of Reality through the free choices we make.

The capacity to awakening lies, then, solely on the student’s power to make new choices, not on the intervention of outside powers. When these choices are aligned with love, Reality is remembered.

Many of the lessons in The Way of Mastery are said to be ones that Jeshua (Jesus) was given during His lifetime 2,000 years ago, that He might awaken perfectly, and fulfill His role at that time.

As a whole, The Way of Mastery re-establishes the teachings Jeshua Himself studied and taught during His lifetime.

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Way of Mastery Pathway is copyright by Jayem