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  Introduction to the Way Of Mastery

The Way of Mastery Pathway

The Way of Mastery (WOM) is a spiritual masterpiece which offers a comprehensive theology of Love, and a pathway of Living Practices designed to help students to awaken to their deepest truth.

The Way of Mastery teachings are by the “same author” as

A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Jesus Christ (Jeshua in WOM), through a scribe chosen by Him. The channel for ACIM was Helen Schucman, and for WOM is Jayem (Jon Marc Hammer)..

WOM is a teaching based on forgiveness, and on the axiom that only love is real, and that we are therefore free. This freedom means that we create our experience of Reality through the free choices we make.

The capacity to awakening lies, then, solely on the student’s power to make new choices, not on the intervention of outside powers. When these choices are aligned with love, Reality is remembered.

Many of the lessons in the Way of Mastery are said to be ones that Jeshua (Jesus) was given during His lifetime 2,000 years ago, that He might awaken perfectly, and fulfill His role at that time.

As a whole, the Way of Mastery re-establishes the teachings Jeshua Himself studied and taught during His lifetime.

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A quote from a long time Christian Minister, and student of A Course in Miracles and the Way of Mastery:

" I have been a minister for the past twenty-two years.
Prior to that, I was a practicing Catholic for forty-seven years.
I have been a student of the New Testament since I was very young. And have always wanted to know “the rest of the story.”

I have found the rest of the story in the “Way of Mastery”.

Jesus’ message in the New Testament is the same message, but greatly expanded, as in "A Course in Miracles", and now His message is expanded even further in the “Way of Mastery”.

Jesus has finally made clear his full message and intent contained in the New Testament in a way everyone can understand it and apply it in their daily lives."

Rev. Kay Hunter, Senior Minister at Cathedral of Light Ministries, Texas, Quote from from Way of the Heart magazine.

(For the complete article by Rev. Hunter, please click here.)

The Way of Mastery

The Pathway of Enlightenment given forth by

Christ Jeshua (Jesus) through Jayem

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" TheWay of the Heart ~ Lesson One"

Commentary by Dave Schock